How long before you can increase rent in Portland

Notice Required for Portland Rental Increases 

Portland landlord tenant law has become increasingly complex in recent years. It can be challenging for professional property managers to stay on top of the changing regulations, much less mom-and-pop landlords with just a few rentals.

We want to de-mystify the questions surrounding due notice that is required to increase rent in Portland, Oregon, because they are NOT the same as Oregon state law.

Rental Increases

  • A 60-day notice is required for a rental increase of less than 5%
  • A 90-day notice is required for a rental increase of 5% or more

Important Additional Details

  • Rent cannot be raised within the first 12-months of a month-to-month tenancy
  • A 90-day notice is required to increase the rent any amount after the initial year in a month-to-month tenancy
  • Associated housing costs are considered to contribute towards rental increases. These are things like utility charges, bill-backs, etc.

How to deliver a Rental Increase

If you are going to increase rent you need to be very careful to make sure that you follow the procedure to the letter. If any information is wrong or missing then it will most likely get overruled in a court of law.

  1. The tenant should receive a letter that states in bold at the header, "Notice of Rent Increase"
  2. The Notice of Rent Increase must specify (a) the amount of the increase, (b) the amount of the new rent or associated housing costs, (c) the date when the increase becomes effective, and (d) a description of a Tenant’s rights and obligations and the eligible amount of Relocation Assistance (Portland City Code Section 30.10.085 that states this is required with each and any Termination Notice, Increase Notice, and Relocation Assistance payment).
  3. The Notice of Rent Increase letter needs to be posted in the mail according to the above timeframes. You MUST add 3 days on top of the required timeframe (60 or 90 days) to allow for postage.
  4. Send the letter with a "Certificate of Mailing" NOT send it "Certified Mail"

If rent is being increased 10% or more and the tenant chooses to vacate due to the increased rent then the landlord is required to pay Relocation Fees.

If you have any questions about issuing rental increases in Portland please get in touch with us by emailing We are happy to help in any way we can.