45 Main Property Management is now Latitude Property Management!

To all of our current and future clients, tenants, and stakeholders:

We have been busy doing fall inspections, cleaning out gutters, and leasing through the slow rental season. We have also been doing a lot of visioning for what the future of our company looks like, which is why we wanted to make a big announcement: 

We are re-branding to Latitude Property Management!


Why the change? Because we have been completely and utterly inspired by Owner clients of ours that have paved the way to combining high performance real estate investing with sustainable development, and we want to continue to their work and bring it to new heights.

Not to mention that the company has massively evolved and is now taking a more active leadership role to help shape Portland’s future and growth.

We now realize that we have a tremendous opportunity to make an impact in our community and the industry through this kind of approach. These changes will not only have positive social and ecological effects, but our mission remains steadfast to increase the value of our clients’ properties through our services, not to take it away.

In the coming days, weeks, and months we are excited to share updates and our progress. Read more about our Commitment to Sustainability and be sure to follow us on social media for consistent updates.

Have a great holiday and stay tuned!

Warm Regards,
Neal, Alissa, Kim, Kelcy, and Jamie
The Latitude Property Management / 45 Main Properties crew